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There was a long silence, and then I heard the sound of him weeping and sobbing over the telephone.During the 16 years after Trouble In Store, Wisdom starred in 18 films, almost all of them major boxoffice hits.

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Conscious of the fact that he was 30 when he made his professional debut in 1945, Norman knocked a whole decade off his age for many years, and published his date of birth in his Who's Who entry as 1925.

The early years of his life were a battle to eat and to survive.

When Norman was nine, his mother walked out on his alcoholic father, who took off on benders for weeks at a time, abandoning the two boys to their own devices.

They stole from local shops in order to eat, and walked barefoot to school.

Multi-talented as always, he wrote his own hit song for the film, Don't Laugh At Me 'Cos I'm A Fool.

His recording of it spent 15 weeks at the top of the charts and it became his signature tune.Topping the bill was the legendary musical star Jessie Matthews, a shrewd judge of talent.She stood in the wings to watch Wisdom's act, and was so impressed that at the final curtain, instead of taking the star's applause for herself, she led Norman forward, and then stepped back, leaving him alone in the spotlight. 'She was a truly great star, and I was in awe of her.In old age, walking along a street in Iran, Wisdom found himself pursued by a mob of children who spoke only two words of English. Like Chaplin before him, Norman Joseph Wisdom arose from a background of abject poverty.He was born in Marylebone, London, on February 4, 1915, the younger of the two sons of chauffeur Frederick and his seamstress wife Maud.Nixon's first wife, the musical star Margaret Burton, told me: 'He was touched by genius even then.

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