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Secured/Guaranteed Credit Cards Although at this time, Secured cards are unavailable in this part of the world, there are cards that are similar to the secured card. Both of these cards offer an easier approval rate, which typically does not require a credit check.These cards however do require proof of sufficient property equity and assets or in the case of the secured cards, a deposit that is equal to the sum of money you are ‘borrowing’ or higher.

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This means that you are not able to demonstrate that you meet the repayment criteria.

With this being said, this does not mean that you should rule out being able to get a credit card.

For further insight into your credit card needs, it is still ideal to contact a bank representative for a more in depth assessment.

Typically financial institutions will have credit card offers that are geared towards students or first time credit users.

All of these cards typically also carry higher interest fees and lower credit limits.

While the steep interest rates are less than ideal – having a card with a lower limit can mean that you are less likely to overspend and therefore can be better equipped to manage the repayment schedule.

For more information on the available of prepaid cards through ANZ here is the link.

What I also like about this site, is that it offers a ‘find a credit card tool’ that can help potential borrowers search for a card that will best reflect their needs. By responding to a few simple questions – you will be directed to card selections that match your financial circumstances.

Again, after proving that you can maintain payments over time, then eventually you can apply for a card with a higher limit.

The Australian and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), offering some credit cards that are also designed with first time consumers in mind. While not all of these may be suitable for individuals who have bad credit, there are cards that will be better options for first time credit card users.

With that being said, if there are cards that are similar to Secured credit cards, yet are not classified as such in Canada – let’s find out what may be similar across Australia.

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