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It wasn't, and Polly's name is still there, detouring surfers looking for information about her books - or This technique of larding hidden text on Web pages with misleading references to bait Web-crawling bots is sometimes called "spamdexing," and the Erotic Delirium incident was not the Net Mom's first run-in with spamdexers.

Last July, Polly discovered that the source code for a site advertising the had been front-loaded with a thesaurus of hot-button references, from "mozilla" to "masturbation" to "résumé." After Polly's complaint was posted to a mailing list, a clamor of email resulted in the misleading text being removed from the site."The peer pressure of the Net," Polly observes, "sometimes cleans things up." (By posting her most recent run-in to Dave Farber's Interesting People list, Polly hopes that history will repeat itself.)Programmers from several of the leading search engines - such as Lycos and Alta Vista - have fine-tuned their bots to ignore simple reiteration of hit-magnet words in hidden text.

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Until then, peer pressure, costly litigation, and mediation by organizations like Virtual Magistrate, are the only recourses for netizens like Polly whose names are being used to bait traffic to sites they would never endorse.

(Mediation requires consent by both parties, unlikely in a situation where a webmaster refuses to remove contested references from a site.)The best hope for slamming spamdexers, says Polly, would be if Web indexers themselves kept a blacklist.

One of the hits that came up, Erotic Delirium, didn't look like the kind of Web site that the champion of "family-friendly Internetting" would extol.

"This site contains ADULT material" visitors to the page are advised, before plunging into Erotic Delirium's "sex clinic" and "medical school," proffering online "degrees" in gynecology and proctology. Doesn’t it make sense to simply do a dirty deed when the urge strikes, even if it means you’re not in the privacy of your home?Public understands that life is short and sometimes you need to just go for things when opportunity knocks."I'm not sure if there's any way to get around it," Garnsey admits.A spokesperson for Digital Equipment Corporation's Alta Vista would say only that "there are some promising developments planned for the future" to defeat spamdexers.lolitasunited pictur7 ophelia O'Brien tuning teddyclub voi person nakedgirls baton duke, tpg dexter nakedhouseshiannia Sex.

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