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Regardless of its status, the dying medium still manages to erect (hehe) eyebrows with one simple question: are the actors in softcore porn actually having sex? They'd do stuff that would end up in magazines, as well as regular the closest thing I could think of that was you have detective stories where the girls end up ...That's a backroom deal, but I think generally the guys were...

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I heard stories of guys making $250 bucks for a scene whereas a girl would get between $500 and $1,000 depending on the depths of what they were doing.

Straight guys get $250 for a straight scene and they have to do a ridiculous number of scenes per day to keep up their quota.

Robozgraggi: I liked the Japanese girl cus she was nearly sparkling when she saw a pretty guy. =D Diana00597: Heineken is piss beer, Grolsch is what you want Andrew 1234: Is this even remotely accurate?

Talia Ersoy: Shake hands at first meeting, hug on first date, kiss on second date.

Some girl goes through a story line, and she's always ending up in a sexual situation with multiple people throughout the show, sort of thing.

I mean, as far as the simulated sex scenes and that sort of stuff, it was all very, very role-oriented. You'll notice in those movies a guy goes down a girl...

Then you learn that charm does not work anymore, on the positive note good dancers!

: D Carmen Cuevas: The guy from chile didn't had that strong of an accent and his voice wasn't that deep, but I personally LOOOOOVE chilean accent, I frequently joke around with my bff sayin I'll one day go to chile and get a husband x D (I'm from mexico) Charlie Bone: Irenland, France, Costa Rica is the best sexy accent.

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