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This part has been tested and found true so you can't really call that a placebo.

I've been reading recently about adding two stroke oil into your diesel to help lubricate the fuel system so I thought i'd post it here.

If you add two stroke oil in a ratio of 200:1 to your diesel engine it lubricates all moving parts of the high pressure pump and the injectors.

Dare I say most of it is a placebo, but everyone is allowed an opinion.

On the flip side there are others that swear that a small amount of petrol 200ml to 500ml per tank does wonders.

There are a number of side benefits some people notice as well.

The engine quietens down considerably, the fuel burns cleaner so less soot and black smoke, increased power, decreased fuel consumption and easier starting in cold weather.

Most of it is just people trying it out on their own at home. I'd like to dyno one soon, but I'm not rich and i'm not sure exactly how long it takes the 2 stroke to be absorbed by the diesel so you could actually test it out.

It would be easy to get a base figure, but then actually knowing you were running on mixed fuel would be hard to gauge. You cant get more out of nothing and 2stk oil isn't a fuel additive to increase energy from what's already there. Well in Europe they need to get their emissions tested often and cars with two stroke oil have been found to emit a lot less in pollutants.

After reading multiple threads about it on the internet, some dating back 2-3 years nobody who has tried it has had anything negative to say about it.

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