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It has EF Core packages for the various databases; as we are using SQL Server Express Edition, we will add its packages. Use Sql Server configures the We included EF Core packages, created Db Context, added a provider with connection string and added tools to work command line.Open *.csproj in Web API project to add EF Core package for SQL Server. We are working on Contacts data model from the previous link, so let’s create database context for it Db Context class coordinates Entity Framework functionality for a given data model is the database context class. For this simple example, we have two steps to follow The data models, Db Set needs to be prepared for creating SQL scripts, add init migrations command will create C# class for model snapshot i.e. Run the following command from project folder shown in figure we can work with Db Set’s Using either POSTMAN or Fiddler or Swagger UI, we can do testing of it. Many improvements need to be made, but its good enough to get started.

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Because as I’ve said you must fully describe the memory layout of your types, this includes the memory layout of objects inlined into the types, so here the compiler of the native C code should have to know the layout of the “” type too, so it should know about … We have not this issue with pointers because they all have the same size; indeed the values of pointers are memory addresses: their size depends only on the platform (Intel 8088 (16 bits), x86/IA-32 (32 bits), IA-64 (64 bits)…); then the compiler can allocate a fixed amount of memory per pointer without having to worry about the objects pointed to.

Here is how to compile the C /CLI wrapper: Microsoft (R) C/C Optimizing Compiler Version 9.01 for Microsoft (R) .

Because “gcroot” is pure C /CLI stuff that has no sense for native C so your code won’t even compile; moreover, even if it compiled, this would be an ugly leak of the abstraction we’re trying to build.

With this design we’ve hidden all the C /CLI stuff inside the “” structure so that our wrapper has an interface compatible with native C .

The article has been updated on the 19th of June 2016 to integrate 3 fixes: When it comes to software development in a professional environment, heterogeneity is the rule not the exception: you often need to interact with systems developed with other technologies.

I’ve been recently faced with such a situation: a team that uses only native C needed to retrieve data using the object-oriented API of another team that develops only in . This is a relatively uncommon scenario (just look at the number of articles on the subject), the standard case being new systems based on the . Net, needing to interact with legacy systems developed in native C .EF Core is an object-relational mapper (O/RM) that enables . Net Core 2 Web API This is a continuation of Creating ASP. NET Core is completely modular, same way EF Core is also designed to be modular i.e.NET Core Web API, recommend to read it to move further here. the packages are split into granular with more focused functionality instead of including everything.Net stuff (except the name of the wrapper I’ve deliberately made explicit), just a plain old native C API.And here are the results: #include "Stock Market APIWrapper.h" class Stock Market APIWrapper Private ; Stock Market APIWrapper:: Stock Market APIWrapper() const Quote Stock Market APIWrapper:: Get Quote(const char* symbol) Stock Market APIWrapper::~Stock Market APIWrapper() Microsoft (R) C/C Optimizing Compiler Version 5.1 for Microsoft (R) .This issue has been fixed in the following implementation.

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