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Most of "so called Windows solutions for i OS development without Mac" require Mac at the end just to sign and send to app store. ) At the end it's just too much trouble to learn "their super special easy way to program i OS without Objective-C", they have lots of bugs.Really the goal they are setting is unachievable in my view.You don't need much horse power to run the SDK and you can always sell it on later if you decide to stop development or buy a better Mac.

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For an occasional use, it's just easier to rent a remote Mac service, like XCode It's the easiest way to build the i Phone toolchain on a Windows XP/Vista computer, which in turn, can take Objective-C source code that you write using their UIKit Headers (included with win Chain) and compile it into an application that you can use on your i Phone.

The SDK is only available on OS X, forcing you to use a mac.

Is there any way to tinker with the i Phone SDK on a Windows machine?

Are there plans for an i Phone SDK version for Windows?

The only other way I can think of doing this is to run a Mac VM image on a VMWare server running on Windows, although I'm not too sure how legal this is.

We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context.Also a lot of time they make you use Objective-C equivalent statements simply in another language.They kind of look the same but there are always subtle differences that you have to learn on top of obj-c.It was for me because I enjoy tinkering with this type of stuff and I started during the early i Phone betas, months before their App Store became available.Alternatively you could pickup a low-spec Mac Mini from e Bay.Leopard server however CAN be run under emulation and can be used for desktop purposes. If you're interested in option 1) I would suggest starting at Insanelymac and reading the OSx86 sections.

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