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Types of communications include executive communications, presidential messages, petitions and memorials. Conference reports are published in the When referring to a time-period (e.g., the 114th Congress which convened on January 6, 2015) rather than the legislative branch generally, a Congress is the national legislature in office (for approximately two years). Only the first-named Member is the sponsor, all others are cosponsors, even those whose names appeared on the measure at the time it was submitted.A form of legislative measure used for the regulation of business within both chambers of Congress, not for proposing changes in law. It begins with the convening of a new Congress comprised of members elected in the most-recent election and ends with the adjournment sine die of the legislature (typically after a new election has occurred). The Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate, regardless of party affiliation.Congressional reports may be issued by the House or Senate. It also lists the measures scheduled for action during each chamber's next meeting and the announcements of upcoming committee meetings.

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The member of the majority party on a committee who has formal responsibility over the panel’s agenda and resources, presides at its meetings, and can, in some circumstances, act on the committee’s behalf.

A parliamentary device designed to allow greater participation in floor consideration of measures.

See also Proposed/offered Senate amendment and Submitted Senate amendment.

Also referred to as “amendments between the houses” or, colloquially, “ping-pong.” A method for reconciling differences between the two chambers’ versions of a measure by sending the measure back and forth between them until both have agreed to identical language.

An adjournment that terminates an annual session of Congress.

A "sine die" ("without day") adjournment sets no day for reconvening, so that Congress will not meet again until the first day of the next session.

Document accompanying a measure reported from a committee.

It contains an explanation of the provisions of the measure, arguments for its approval, votes held in markup, individual committee members’ opinions, cost estimates, and other information.

Under the Constitution, adjournment sine die (except when the next session is about to convene) requires the agreement of both chambers, accomplished through adoption of a concurrent resolution, which in current practice also authorizes leaders of either chamber to reconvene its session if circumstances warrant.

A proposed change to a pending text (e.g., a bill, resolution, another amendment, or a treaty [or an associated resolution of ratification]).

Brief explanations of legislative terms used throughout

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