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In every Western country guys would fight to marry a girl like her.

This is your chance.​Well, I’m not a fortune teller.

Now click on VIEW SINGLES NOW and continue with the next step.​Yingjun means handsome and you will hear it a lot when you follow this simple advice: Upload a profile picture that shows you sober and smiling. However, I have no clue about Chinese signs, I can’t speak the language, and I’m neither a Buddhist nor a Taoist. I’m the living proof that you can be a “China ignorant” and To be honest, my answers are pretty lame.

That means that I recommend the New Members search (these girls always reply) or the Glamorous Chinese Women Photo Gallery (here you can find the hottest girls).​Don’t say that you didn’t expect it.

I already warned you that China has approximately 200 million singles and even though it sounds ludicrous to a Western woman, a 27-year-old unmarried Chinese woman is considered a hopeless case. Just think about This is the largest Chinese dating site on the internet.

I was surprised at how many Chinese girls can speak German.

Of course, they are not fluent, but they know quite a few words. There are Of course, not every Chinese woman on earth can speak English. But the majority of the girls who join the dating site that was once called Chinese Love Links are smart enough to know that learning English is their only option to meet a foreign man.​I want to make one thing clear: These girls are desperately looking for a husband.

Here’s the masterpiece: I got from girls who didn’t slept through their English lessons in high school…​To be honest, I thought that meeting cute Chinese girls in Beijing is easier than in any other city. Compared to Shenzhen and Chengdu, cities that are half the size, it was It hurts to admit it, but my results in Beijing were catastrophic.

I mean, this place has more than 22 million inhabitants. My success rate in Shanghai, however, was out of this world…​I can’t share every message I received from girls in Shanghai.There are just too many and I’m afraid that your fingers will crack after scrolling down for three hours.Let’s start with a cute Chinese girl who wants to go on a date with me, even though she doesn’t get the compliment I made about her lips…, but I’m 100% sure that you will experience the same.​My results in Shenzhen were good, but not comparable to the flood of messages I got from the girls in Shanghai.This is the largest Chinese dating site on the internet.Even though some girls reply in Chinese, a surprisingly large number of girls can speak English. That was when my best friend Paul told me that he met this girl.Let’s find out if investing 10 bucks a month is really worth it or if spending the money on a Mc Donald’s menu makes more sense…​Actually, I can think of 3 reasons why you should upgrade to a premium account and another 3 reasons why you should choose the Platinum membership.

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