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In fact, you probably have no idea how attractive you really are.When you’re out in a crowd, stand tall and be proud to be you.When you ask men what they look for, they might give you a list of physical attributes as long as their arm, but in reality the types of women they chase often don’t have these things.

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Smile The power of a smile should never be underestimated.

When you smile, your entire face can change to show a happier version of you.

When you go out, take a little time to get your hair looking right.

Wear clothes that flatter you and ignore silly fashions or colors that just don’t fit your body shape.

Do you ever find that you can’t seem to attract the really good looking men to approach you?

Perhaps you have a friend or know someone who always seems to have men pursuing them, even without seeming to do anything overt to warrant that kind of attention.

Don’t hunch your shoulders or fold your arms over your chest.

Smile and realize that confidence is attractive all by itself.

Simple little actions, like playing with your necklace or your hair, might seem harmless, but they can actually send subliminal messages out to men that tell him you want him to come over and say hi.

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